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FAUNA Paraguay Gallery of Beetle Images
We are just beginning with the study of beetles in Paraguay and will soon start an extensive inventory of the beetles. We do however welcome the assistance of experts willing to help us identify the images - obviously we understand that identification to species level will not always be possible from a photograph, but if you are willing to give it a go please contact us!
Particular thanks to Carlos Aguilar Julio of ECOSARA and the Museo Nacional de Historia Nacional del Paraguay who´s assistance has been invaluable in beginning to make sense of the vast amount of material that will eventually make up the Coleopteran pages.
We are also grateful to Guillermo González who has very kindly agreed to assist us with the identification of Coccinellidae images, Julio Ferrer (Tenebrionidae), Jack Schuster (Passalidae), Gino Nearns (Cerambycidae), Lech Borowiec (Cassidinae, Chrysomelidae), Rob Westerduijn (Chrysomelidae), Paul Skelley (Erotylidae) and Peter Cate (Elateridae), Brett Ratcliffe, Caroli Hamel, Sebastian Herzog and Mary Liz Jameson (Scarabaeidae). Use the links at the top of the page to access downloadable pdfs of articles about Paraguayan Coleoptera. This feature was made available with the very generous permission of Bolivar Garcete of the Museo Nacional de Historia Nacional del Paraguay and we thank him for his support.

Figures in brackets after family names refer to the number of identified species in each gallery.
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Suborder Adephaga
Family Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Family Dytiscidae - Predacious Diving Beetles

Suborder Polyphaga
Superfamily Cantheroidea
Family Lampyridae - Lightning Beetles (2)
Superfamily Chrysomeloidea
Family Cerambycidae - Longhorn Beetles (32)
Family Chrysomelidae - Leaf Beetles
Superfamily Cleroidea
Family Melyridae - Soft-winged Flower Beetles
Superfamily Cucujoidea
Family Coccinellidae - Ladybirds (10)
Family Endomychidae - Handsome Fungus Beetles
Family Erotylidae - Pleasing Fungus Beetles
Superfamily Curculionoidea
Family Curculionidae - Weevils (3)
Superfamily Elateroidea
Family Cantharidae - Soldier Beetles
Family Elateridae - Click Beetles (9)
Family Lycidae - Net-winged Beetles
Superfamily Scarabaeoidea
Family Geotrupidae - Earth-boring Dung Beetles (1)
Family Passalidae - Bess Beetles (2)
Family Scarabaeidae - Scarab Beetles (26)
Superfamily Hydrophiloidea
Family Hydrophilidae - Water Scavenging Beetles
Superfamily Staphylinoidea
Family Silphidae - Burying Beetles
Family Staphylinidae - Rove Beetles
Superfamily Tenebrionoidea
Family Meloidae - Blister Beetles  (2)
Family Nilionidae - False Ladybirds (1)
Family Tenebrionidae - Darkling Beetles (8)

Unidentified Families
Thanks to Carlos Aguilar Julio for his enormous input into the Coleoptera pages!
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Alberto Esquivel, Arne Lesterhuis, Rebbeca Zarza, José Luis Cartes and Hugo del Castillo and are used with their permission.