FAUNA Paraguay Mini-Guides
Concept of the Volunteer Projects
Produced in association with Birdlife International partner Guyra Paraguay, this ambitious long-term project aims to produce basic, high-quality bilingual field guides to all of Paraguay´s major birding destinations (covering initially the IBAs - Important Bird Areas). Combining existing data from the Guyra Paraguay Biodiversity Database with new data discovered during month-long species inventories at the chosen site, the books represent a considerable contribution to Paraguayan ornithological literature. This not-for profit project is only made possible by the financial contribution and hardwork of dedicated volunteers, who not only assist in the collection of data in the field, but actively participate in the writing of the book on which they work.
What do volunteers have to do?
Upon acceptance as a volunteer you will receive a detailed information pack filling you in on the specific aims of your project and, to give you some idea of what to expect, some background on Paraguay as a country! The field work consists largely of a complete species inventory of the site involving field observations, making daily lists of species seen, collecting notes on behaviour and plumage and performing censuses of populations. We collect vital morphometric data and detailled plumage descriptions for inclusion in the mini-guides. In many cases specific side projects will run, focusing on individual species of interest or collecting scientific data requested by Guyra Paraguay. If you fancy trying your hand as an artist there may even be the possibility that you could help to illustrate the book. Volunteers can contribute as much as they want to both the fieldwork and the writing of the book, there will be nobody standing over you making you work if you feel like a day off!!
How do I become a volunteer?
To request an application form send an email to faunaparaguay@yahoo.com.ar. Two or three projects will run per year with scheduling of projects reflecting the availability of volunteers (please remember that without volunteers these projects would not be possible!). The cost of volunteering is $1500 per calendar month (eg 1-31 July inclusive), with a special price of $1100 for students in full-time education. The price includes all accommodation, food and transport within Paraguay - it does not include flights to Paraguay, alcohol or travel insurance. This project is a not-for-profit scheme and all the money paid by volunteers is invested into the field work projects to cover on-site costs, production costs for the mini-guide and purchase of much needed field equipment.
What do I get in return?
Besides an unforgettable experience working in a beautiful country with a breathtaking fauna you get a few reminders to take home with you.
· A souvenir photo disc of the species that we have seen during the project.
· A free signed copy of the Mini Field-guide once the book is published.
· The chance to get your name in print as a field-guide co-author.
· The knowledge that you have contributed to a worthwhile and unique conservation scheme.
Brief Summaries of Previous Projects
By clicking on the links below you can get a brief summary of the findings of the projects that have run to date. Full technical reports are available by following the links from the summary page or the publications page. To buy a mini-guide click here.

1 Atlantic Forest Project Hotel Tirol
2 Cerrado Project Laguna Blanca
3 Atlantic Forest Project San Rafael National Park
4 Chaco Project Parque Nacional Teniente Agripino Enciso
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