Scarabs are charismatic, large, stout-bodied beetles with distinctive clubbed antennae composed of lamellae which can be fanned out to detect odours. The front legs are broad and adapted for digging. Most scarabs are recyclers, scavenging on decaying material or dung - the family includes the famous Dung Beetles. Larvae are crescent-shaped and yellowish or white in colour.
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Cetoniinae - Flower Chafers (2)

Dynastinae - Rhinoceros Beetles (9)

Melolonthinae - Chafers (1)

Rutelinae - Shining Leaf Chafers (7)

Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles (7)
Thanks to Carlos Aguilar Julio, Caroli Hamel and Sebastian Herzog
for their assistance with the identification of Scarabaeidae species.

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