Though apparently diverse in form, the huge family of Leaf Beetles, with over 35,000 species worldwide, are united by a common tarsal formula which, though it appears to be 4-4-4 is actually 5-5-5. The antennae do not arise from frontal tubercles which helps distinguish some species from the Cerambycidae. Leaf Beetles are vegetarian and some species are important economic pests. The taxonomy of the Chrysomelidae is in urgent need of revision and some groups have not been reviewed for over 50 years. As a result classification to species level is not always possible.

We thank Rob Westerduijn and Lech Borowiec for their assistance with the identification of our Leaf Beetle images.
Numbers in brackets after subfamilial names refer to the number of species for which we have images.

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Cassidinae - Tortoise Beetles (10), Gyllenhal 1813

Chrysomelinae - Broad-bodied Leaf Beetles (8), Latreille 1802

Criocerinae (1), Latreille 1804

Cryptocephalinae - Casebearers (1), Gyllenhal 1813

Eumolpinae - Ovaloid Leaf Beetles (7), Hope 1840

Galerucinae - Skeletonising Leaf Beetles (17), Latreille 1802
Thanks to Professor Lech Borowiec and Rob Westerduijn for assistance with identification of some of the images in this gallery.
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