FAUNA Paraguay Zoological Library
FAUNA Paraguay believes that a comprehensive and freely accessible library is essential for the development of zoological study in Paraguay. We are aiming to put together the largest collection of zoological literature in Paraguay for use by students and researchers in the city of Encarnación, the only library of its kind in what is the third largest city in Paraguay. This much-needed resource is the only scheme of its kind running in Paraguay and one of the very few existing in South America. The literature collection is split into five major areas - ornithology, mammalogy, herpetology, entomology and cross-spectrum publications. Furthermore there is a massive electronic resource archive of photographs, sound recordings (over 3000 species), e-books and videos that can be browsed by users. Currently the book collection contains over 1000 ornithological titles alone, while the journal archive is much the largest in the country with somewhere in the region of 1,000,000 articles available.
The library can be consulted at distance, sending an email to
faunaparaguay@yahoo.com.ar and requesting scans of texts required, or can be visited with prior appointment by sending an email to the same address.
In an effort to expand the horizons of users, we do not restrict ourselves to material concerning Paraguay or the Neotropics and include a broad spectrum of material from across the globe. We are constantly trying to expand our collection (again this is a not for profit scheme!) and would welcome any donations. If you would like to donate material, please email
The following individuals and institutions have made important donations to the library collection and we thank them immensely foer their contributions.
Dr. Julio Contreras
Dr. Urs-Peter Stauble
Natural History Book Service Gratis Books Scheme
Delaware Museum of Natural History

FAUNA Paraguay Directory of Paraguayan Biologists
Helping to promote scientific research in Paraguay is one of principal objectives. By providing web space for Paraguayan researchers to publish their professional profile we hope to assist in making their publications available to a wider audience and to promote links with like minded researchers in other countries. Click the links below to view and download the publications of researchers who have agreed to participate in this scheme.
Hugo (Huguito) Cabral (Herpetologist)
Pier Cacciali (Herpetologist)
Hugo del Castillo (Ornithologist)
Silvia Centrón (Ornithologist)
Bolivar Garcete (Entomologist)
Arne Lesterhuis (Ornithologist)
Robert Owen (Mammalogist)
Paul Smith (Naturalist)
Sergio Rios Diáz (Entomology and Paleontology)

FAUNA Paraguay E-Library
In keeping with our aim to make literature as widely available as possible we are actively seeking permission from all the world´s major zoological journals to reproduce articles relevant to Paraguay in pdf via FAUNA Paraguay.com as part of our E-library project. This will allow users to download pdfs of hard to find and out of print references directly to their computer - a sort of "one-stop-shop" for Paraguayan references. This project was begun in November 2007 and we hope that it will grow rapidly to include the vast majority of the major references in all fields of zoology. Click the links below to browse the publications which have so far agreed to participate in this scheme.

AMNH Novitates (cross-spectrum)
Ararajuba and the Revista Brasileira de Ornitologia (ornithology)
The Auk (ornithology)
Bellbird (cross-spectrum)
Boletín del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural del Paraguay (cross-spectrum)
Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History (cross-spectrum)
Revista de la Sociedad Cientifica del Paraguay (cross-spectrum)
Notulas Faunisticas Series 1 (cross-spectrum)
Wilson Bulletin and Wilson Journal of Ornithology (ornithology)

FAUNA Paraguay Links to Open Access Zoology and Biology Journals
Clicking the link below will enable you to download a list of open access journals with their respective links on a variety of biology and zoology related themes from across the world. Currently over 360 journal and bulletin titles are listed. This list will be added to regularly. Please keep us informed of any broken or changed links, as well as any titles that are not included on the list by email to faunaparaguay@gmail.com.

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FAUNA Paraguay Library and E-Library
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