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FAUNA Paraguay Gallery of Moth Images
This gallery is something of a work in progress and we continue to search for experts who can assist us with the identification of the images in some of the familial galleries (obviously we are aware that identification to species level is not always possible from a photograph!). If you feel that you can help us please contact us! We always fully credit contributors for their input.
Click on the family links below for access to images and information about the biology and characteristics of each group.
Click on the checklist links for checklists of the species in each group currently documented for Paraguay.
Click on individual photographs for full-size images.
Click on the species names for access to the FAUNA Paraguay Handbook of Paraguayan Fauna Species Account.

Superfamily Hepialoidea

FAMILY: Hepialidae - Swift Moths

Superfamily Nepticuloidea

FAMILY: Opostegidae

Superfamily Tineoidea

FAMILY: Arrhenophanidae

FAMILY: Psychidae - Basket Moths 

Superfamily Cossoidea

FAMILY: Cossidae - Carpenter Moths

Superfamily Tortricoidea

FAMILY: Tortricidae - Tent-maker Moths

Superfamily Castnioidea

FAMILY: Castniidae - Giant Butterfly Moths

Superfamily Sesioidea

FAMILY: Sesiidae - Clearwing Moths

Superfamily Pterophoroidea

FAMILY: Pterophoridae - Plume Moths

Superfamily Pyraloidea

FAMILY: Pyralidae - Snout Moths 

FAMILY: Crambidae - Crambid Snout Moths  

Superfamily Geometroidea

FAMILY: Geometridae - Geometrid (Inchworm) Moths

FAMILY: Sematuridae - Sematurid Moths 

FAMILY: Uraniidae - Moon Moths 

Superfamily Bombycoidea

FAMILY: Bombycidae: Apatelodinae   Silk Moths

FAMILY: Saturniidae - Emperor Moths 
Checklist of the Saturniids of Paraguay

FAMILY: Sphingidae - Hawk Moths
  Checklist of the Sphingids of Paraguay

FAMILY: Mimallonidae

Superfamily Noctuoidea

FAMILY: Notodontidae - Prominents 

FAMILY: Lymantriidae - White Pests

FAMILY: Arctiidae - Tiger Moths

FAMILY: Noctuidae - Noctuid Moths

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