FAUNA Paraguay Checklist of Paraguayan Emperor Moths
The scientific name is given in italics followed by the descriptor and date. Species marked with a * have an image in the moth image gallery. Species marked EN are endemic to Paraguay. Numbers in brackets after each taxonomic group refers to the number of species listed within it, the first figure being the number for which we have images taken in Paraguay.
For those interested in Paraguayan Saturniidae we highly recommend www.pybio.org where additional images of adults and larval stages, as well as distribution maps are available.
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(References: Oehlke  - World´s Largest Saturniidae Site; www.pybio.org; )

Subfamily Arsenurinae

*Arsenura armida
(Cramer 1779)
*Arsenura orbignyana
(Guerín-Meneville [1844])
*Arsenura xanthopus
(Walker 1855)
*Copiopteryx sonthannaxi E. Andre 1905
*Copiopteryx virgo (Zikan 1929)
*Dysdaemonia brasiliensis
Rothschild 1906
*Dysdaemonia fosteri Rothschild 1906
*Paradaemonia thelia
(Jordan 1922)
*Titaea orsinome
Hübner [1923]

Subfamily Saturniinae

Tribe Saturniini
*Copaxa canella
Walker 1855
*Copaxa decrescens Walker 1855
*Copaxa flavina
Draudt 1929
Tribe Attacini (8/8)
*Rothschildia arethrusa (Walker 1855)
*Rothschildia aurota (Walker 1855)
*Rothschildia erycina
(Shaw [1796])
*Rothschildia hesperus lutea
Jordan 1911
*Rothschildia hoppferi
(C&R Felder 1859)
*Rothschildia schreiteriana
Breyer & Orfila 1945
*Rothschildia jacobaeae
(Walker 1855)
*Rothschildia maurus
(Burmeister 1879)

Subfamily Ceratocampinae

*Adeloneivaia acuta
(Schaus 1896)
Adeloneivaia catharina (Bouvier 1927)
*Adeloneivaia fallax
(Boisduval 1872)
*Adeloneivaia sabulosa
(Rothschild 1907)
*Adeloneivaia subangulata
(Herrich-Schaefer 1855)
*Adelowalkeria flavosignata (Walker 1855)
*Adelowalkeria tristygma (Boisduval 1872)
*Almeidella corrupta  (Schaus 1913)
Ceropoda tibialis Rothschild 1907
Cicia citrina (Schaus 1904)
Cicia pamala
(Schaus 1900)
*Citioica anthonilis (Herrich-Schaefer [1854])
*Citheronia brissottii (Boisduval 1867)
*Citheronia hamifera
(Rothschild 1907)
*Citheronia laocoon
(Cramer 1770)
*Citheronia vogleri
(Weyenbergh 1881)
*Citheronula armata
(Rothschild 1907)
*Eacles imperialis
Rothschild 1907
*Giacomellia bilineata (Burmeister 1878)
*Giacomellia drechseli
EN Lampe 1995
*Giacomellia escobari
EN Lampe 1995
*Megaceresa pulchra Bouvier 1923
*Neocarnegia basirei (Schaus 1892)
*Oiticella convergens (Herrich-Schaefer 1855)
*Oiticella luteciae
(Bouvier 1924)
*Psilopygida crispula (Dognin 1905)
*Psilopygida walkeri (Grote 1867)
*Ptiloscola paraguayensisEN Brechlin, Meister & Drechsel 2008
*Schausiella arpi (Schaus 1892)
*Schausiella subochreata (Schaus 1904)
*Scolesa hypoxantha (Rothschild 1907)
*Scolesa viettei Travassos 1959
*Syssphinx amena Travassos 1941
*Syssphinx molina (Cramer 1780)

Subfamily Hemileucinae
*Automeris amoena
(Boisduval 1875)
*Automeris basalis (Walker 1855)
*Automeris beckeri
(Herrich-Schaefer [1856])
*Automeris bilinea (Walker 1855)
*Automeris egeus (Cramer 1775)
*Automeris granulosa Conte 1906
*Automeris hamata
Schaus 1906
*Automeris illustris (Walker 1855)
*Automeris naranja
Schaus 1898
*Automeris submacula
(Walker 1855)
*Automeris umbrosa
Lemaire 2002
*Catharisa cerisa Jordan 1911
*Cerodirphia apunctata Dias & Lemaire 1991
*Dirphia avia
Stoll 1870
*Dirphia moderata
Bouvier 1929
*Dirphia panamensis Schaus 1921
*Dirphiopsis epiolina  (R. Felder & Rogenhofer 1874)
*Dirphiopsis trisignata  (R. Felder & Rogenhofer 1874)
*Eubergia boetifica
(Druce 1899)
*Eubergia caisa
(Berg 1883)
*Eudyaria sigridae EN Mielke & Drechsel 2009
*Eudyaria venata
(Butler 1871)
*Gamelia catharina
Draudt 1929
*Heliconisa pagenstecheri (Geyer 1835)
*Hidripa ruscheweyhi (Berg 1885)
Hidripa taglia (Schaus 1896)
Hylesia ebalus
Cramer 1775
Hylesia falcifera
Hübner 1825
*Hylesia metapyrrha 
(Walker 1855)
Hylesia paraguayensis
EN Lemaire 2002
*Hylesia remex
Dyer 1913
Hylesia rufex
Draudt 1929
*Hylesia scortina
Draudt 1929
*Hyperchiria incisa
(Bouvier 1930)
*Hyperchiria orodina
(Schaus 1900)
Ithomisa lepta
EN (Druce 1890)
*Leucanella aspera (R. Felder & Rogenhofer 1874)
*Leucanella memusae
Lemaire 1973
*Lonomia obliqua Walker 1855
*Molippa cruenta
(Walker 1855)
*Molippa eophila
(Dognin 1919)
*Molippa simillima
(Jones 1907)
*Periga circumstans (Walker 1855)
Periga falcata (Walker 1855)
Periga parvibulbacea (Lemaire 1972)
*Pseudautomeris luteata (Walker 1865)
*Pseudodirphia eumedioides (Vuillot 1892)
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