Ornithology Literature
In the early 90s the accelerated fragmentation of the Paraguayan Atlantic forest led to a series of expeditions by teams from Cambridge University to survey the remaining forest sites. The findings of these surveys are summarised in Bird Surveys and Conservation in the Paraguayan Atlantic forest (Brooks et al 1993).
The publication of A Status, Distribution and Biogeography of the Birds of Paraguay (1995) by Floyd Hayes was a landmark in Paraguayan ornithological history. Based around a checklist of critically evaluated records and enhanced by extensive personal observations, it represented a giant leap forward in our knowledge of the distribution and population of the country´s birdlife. Crucially it collated and reviewed old, scarce and hard to obtain references, something that no checklist had previously done. A growing interest in Paraguay saw the Neotropical Bird Club donate a whole issue of its journal Cotinga 4 to articles about the country.
Hayes work was built upon and updated in 2004 by the publication of An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of Paraguay (Clay and del Castillo) in association with Guyra Paraguay, which incorporated newer data from their Database of Biodiversity.  The Atlas de las Aves del Paraguay (del Castillo 2006) represented the first attempt to map the records in the database.
Guyra had previously produced numerous less ambitious publications including 101 Aves Comunes de Paraguay (Morales et al 2002) which warranted a re-print with the edition of another species 102 Aves Comunes del Paraguay (2004). Both are basic guides aimed at helping readers to identify and appreciate the species that they are most likely to see. The publication of their Guia de Campo de las Aves del Paraguay (Narosky and Clay 2006) is the first field guide to cover all the birds of Paraguay. It is a reworking of the classic work on Argentinian birds with the addition of the species that do not occur in Argentina.
Currently the only English-language guides suitable for use in Paraguay are books dealing with Argentina (of which Narosky´s Field Guide to the Birds of Argentina is perhaps the best) and de la Peña´s Birds of Southern South America and Antarctica. The latter is an “illustrated checklist” and whilst it claims to cover all the species in Paraguay there are number of omissions, errors and inaccuracies, especially in the illustrations and maps.
The absence of a reliable English-language field guide dealing specifically with Paraguay has undoubtedly been a factor in dissuading researchers and casual visitors from choosing Paraguay as a birding destination, thereby seriously hindering the advancement of our knowledge of the country´s avifauna. While this means exciting birding and new discoveries for anybody who does venture out here, it also means that Paraguayan ornithology lags behind its neighbours somewhat. This encouraged FAUNA Paraguay to produce a Field Guide to the Birds of Paraguay, due for publication in 2009 as part of the acclaimed Helm Field Guide series. This guide is designed very much to be a 21st Century field guide - of optimal use in the field, containing detailed descriptive and identification information in addition to up-to-date distribution data, and accurate and beautiful colour plates illustrating every species.
FAUNA Paraguay is involved in producing the Mini-guides to the Birds of Paraguay, an ambitious bilingual series designed to produce high quality, fully-illustrated guides to the birds of the major birding hotspots in Paraguay. These guides are produced with the assistance of international volunteers who contribute to the fieldwork and the writing of the mini-guide on which they work.
FAUNA Paraguay continues to work to increase the volume of publications coming out of Paraguay in an effort to raise the country´s profile internationally. The inception of the Bellbird journal of Paraguayan zoology in 2006 is another major step towards putting Paraguay on the birding map.
Below is a working bibliography of major ornithological references dealing specifically with Paraguay. Some of these references are offered for download in pdf form with the permission of the copyright owners. The size of the download accompanies the link - large files may take a long time to download on a slow internet connection.
The publications which are not available for download can be found in our library. This list does not include FAUNA Paraguay publications or publications from the featured journals on this website - Notulas Faunisticas, Boletin MHNP or Bellbird - these can all be found on the publications page.

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Publications in Ararajuba and the Revista de la Sociedad Brasileira de Ornitologia

Publications in The Auk

Publications by the American Museum of Natural History

Publications in the Wilson Bulletin and Wilson Journal of Ornithology

Classics for download
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Download Tomo 1 21.4MB     
Download Tomo 2 24.8MB
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Download in pdf
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Download pdf 2.67mb
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Sound Recordings

The only commercial sound recording dealing specifically with Paraguayan birds is the excellent Cantos de Aves del Bosque Atlántico del Alto Paraná by Alejandro Bodrati and Myriam Velazquez which contains recordings of 75 species. Many recordings made in Argentina are also of use in Paraguay, notably Stranecks comprehensive Las Vozes de las Aves del Argentina Series - Aves de Misiones is useful for the Paraguayan Atlantic forest, Aves Pampeanas for wetland and grassland areas and Aves de las Serranías Centrales contains recordings of many Chaco species. Its only drawback is that it is available only on cassette. Viellard´s Birds of the Pantanal, while recorded in Brazil is equally relevant to the Paraguayan Pantanal, though many of the featured species are easily located without sound equipment.
A series of recordings are available dealing with single families, notably those in the "Voices of Neotropical ..." series. Particularly useful are those dealing with Tinamous, Pigeons and Doves, Nightjars, Owls and Rails. The recent publication of Songs of the Antbirds by Isler and Whitney has been a major step in helping to locate these secretive birds. Voices of the New World Parrots by Whitney et al is another publication in the same vein, useful for identifying parrots as they fly screeching overhead.
The impressive CD-ROM Birds of Bolivia by Sjoerd Mayer is a highly-recommended work with a vast collection of bird calls and photographs, many of relevance to Paraguay. In fact some of the calls were actually recorded here.
If you are looking to read up on Paraguayan birds, then you will soon discover that there is a frustrating lack of literature dealing specifically with the country. What does exist is generally in the form of short papers scattered through a variety of periodicals and journals, difficult to obtain even at the best of times. Here we provide a brief run-down of the major work dealing with Paraguayan ornithology through the ages.
The earliest attempts to cover the country´s birds in print were made by de Azara (1802, 1805) and Bertoni, though these works are now museum pieces and both suffer from a lack of available reference material at the time that they were written. Following on from these early efforts Podtiaguin´s (1941) attempt to produce a manual of Paraguayan birds was aborted before the completion of the non-passerines. With Paraguay considered an unstable working environment for many years, the first shot at a checklist was not made until Schade and Pallarés (1967-71) undertook a review of the knowledge of the time, assisted mainly by the collection at the Museo Zoologíca at the Universidad de Asunción. The next major step forward was Paynter´s ornithological gazeteer (1977, revised 1989) which included a superb bibliography of Paraguayan ornithology, that sadly highlights the lack of attention that the country has received from researchers. Several further checklists published in the decades following Schade and Pallarés, were produced uncritically and amounted to little more than compilations of existing lists.
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Our partner website Xeno-Canto hosts a great number of calls from New World birds and the vast majority of Paraguayan species are featured. Numerous recordings made in Paraguay by FAUNA Paraguay recordists Paul Smith and Arne Lesterhuis also feature. And of course don´t forget to check out the bird species galleries here on the FAUNA Paraguay page where new bird recordings are being added regularly.