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For more than a century, the Wilson Ornithological Society has published a scholarly journal with form and content readily accessible to both professional and amateur ornithologists. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology is a quarterly publication consisting of major articles based on original studies of birds and short communications that describe observations of particular interest. Each issue also includes reviews of new books on birds and related subjects, as well as ornithological news. Through an endowment from the late George Miksch Sutton, each issue of the Journal includes a full color frontispiece. Each current volume consists of approximately 500 pages. The principal focus of the Journal is the study of living birds, their behavior, ecology, adaptive physiology and conservation.
Although most articles originate from work conducted in the western hemisphere (a large portion of the research on Neotropical birds is published here), the geographic coverage of the journal is global. The Journal is internationally recognized as an important, major journal of ornithology.
The Wilson Journal of Ornithology was formerly named the
Wilson Bulletin

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The following is a sample of articles relevant to Paraguayan ornithology published in the Wilson Bulletin and Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Click on the links to download the pdf:
1.Codenotti TL, Alvarez F 2001 - Mating Behaviour of the Male Greater Rhea - Wilson Bulletin 113: p85-89.
2.Derlindati EJ, Caziani SM 2005 - Using Canopy and Understorey Mist Nets and Point Counts to Study Bird Assemblages in Chaco Forests - Wilson Bulletin 117: p92-99.
Download pdf 116KB
3.Dove CJ, Banks RC 1999 - A Taxonomic Study of Crested Caracaras (Falconidae) - Wilson Bulletin 111: p330-339.
Download pdf 735KB
4.Evans BE, Ashley J, Marsden SJ 2005 - Abundance, Habitat Use and Movements of Blue-winged Macaws Primolius maracana and other Parrots in and around an Atlantic Forest Reserve - Wilson Bulletin 117: p154-164.
5.Fernandez GJ, Mermoz ME 2000 - Effects of Predation and Cowbird Parasitism on the Nesting Success of Two Sympatric Neotropical Marshbirds - Wilson Bulletin 112: p354-364.
Download pdf 147KB
6.Fernandez GJ, Mermoz ME 2002 - Group Copulation Solicitation Display among Female Greater Rheas - Wilson Bulletin 114: p467-469.
7.Fernández-Juricic E, Martella MB, Alvarez EV 1998 - Vocalisations of the Blue-fronted Amazon (Amazona aestiva) in the Chancaní Reserve, Córdoba, Argentina - Wilson Bulletin 110: p352-361.
Download pdf 696KB
8.Fernández-Juricic E, Martella MB 2000 - Gutural Calls of Blue-fronted Amazons: Structure, Context and Their Possible Role in Short Range Communication  - Wilson Bulletin 112: p35-43.
9.Francisco MR 2006 - Breeding Biology of the Double-collared Seedeater - Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118:p85-90
10.Frederick PC, Bildstein KL 1992 - Foraging Ecology of Seven Species of Neotropical Ibises (Threskiornithidae) During the Dry Season in the Llanos of Venezuela - Wilson Bulletin 104: p1-21.
Download pdf 1.08B
11.Gill FB, Stokes FJ, Stokes CC 1974 - Observations on the Horned Screamer - Wilson Bulletin 86: p43-50.
Download pdf 428KB
12.Gill S 2004 - First Reord of Co-operative Breeding in a Thryothorus Wren - Wilson Bulletin 116: p337-341.
Download pdf 51KB
13.Granzinolli MA, Motta-Junior JC 2006 - Small Mammal Selection by the White-tailed Hawk in Southeastern Brazil - Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118:p91-98
Download pdf 468KB
14.Hayes FE, Fox JA 1991 - Seasonality, Habitat Use and Flock Sizes of Shorebirds at the Bahía de Asunción, Paraguay - Wilson Bulletin 103: p637-649.
Download pdf 656KB
15.Isaach JP 2002 - Nectarivorous Feeding by Shiny Cowbirds: A Complex Feeding Innovation - Wilson Bulletin 114: p412-414.
Download pdf 37KB
16.Johnson NK, Zink RM 1985 - Genetic Evidence for Relationships Among the Red-eyed, Yellow-green and Chivi Vireos - Wilson Bulletin 97: p421-435.
Download pdf 838KB
17.Jones CD, Troy JR, Pomara LY 2007 - Similarities Between Campephilus Woodpecker Double Raps and Mechanical Sounds Produced by Duck Flocks - Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119:p259-262.
18.Kahl MP 1971b - Some Observations on the Behaviour of Whistling Herons - Wilson Bulletin 83: p302-303.
Download pdf 143KB
19.Lanctot RB, Blanco DE, Dias RA, Isaac JP, Gill VA, Almeida JB, Delhey K, Petracci PF, Bencke GA, Balbueno RA 2002 - Conservation Status of the Buff-breasted Sandpiper: Historic and Contemporary Distribution and Abundance in South America - Wilson Bulletin 114: p44-72
Download pdf 2.46MB
20.Llambias PE, Ferretti V 2003 - Parental Care in the Great Kiskadee - Wilson Bulletin 114: p214-216.
21.Mandel JT, Bildstein KL 2007 - Turkey Vultures use Anthropogenic Thermals to Extend Their Daily Active Period - Wilson Journal of Ornithology 119:p102-104
22.Mezquida ET 2001 - Aspects of the Breeding Behaviour of the Crested Gallito - Wilson Bulletin 113: p104-108.
23.Naranjo LG 1986 - Aspects of the Biology of the Horned Screamer in Southwestern Colombia - Wilson Bulletin 98: p243-256.
Download pdf 143KB
24.Nores AI, Nores M 1994 - Nest Building and Nesting Behaviour of the Brown Cacholote - Wilson Bulletin 106: p106-120.
Download pdf 842KB
25.Pizo MA 2000 - Attack on Chestnut-bellied Euphonia Nestlings by Army Ants - Wilson Bulletin 112: p422-424.
Download pdf 362KB
26.Pizo MA, Silva WR 2002 - The Dawn Lek of the Swallow-tailed Hummingbird - Wilson Bulletin 113: p388-397.
Download pdf 343KB
27.Remsen JV, Parker TA 1990 - Seasonal Distribution of the Azure Gallinule (Porphyrula flavirostris) with Comments on Vagrancy in Rails and Gallinules - Wilson Bulletin 102: p380-399.
Download pdf 1.1MB
28.Ríos-Chelén AA, Macias-García C 2004 - Flight Display Song of the Vermillion Flycatcher - Wilson Bulletin 116: p360-362.
Download pdf 146KB
29.Robbins MB 1983 - The Display Repertoire of the Band-tailed Manakin (Pipra fasciicauda) - Wilson Bulletin 95: p321-342.
Download pdf 1.1MB
30.Robbins MB, Faucett RC, Rice NH 1999 - Avifauna of a Paraguayan Cerrado Locality: Parque Nacional Serranía San Luis, Depto. Concepción - Wilson Bulletin 111: p216-228.
Download pdf 989KB
31.Short LL 1969 - Relationships Among Some South American Seedeaters (Sporophila) with a Record of S.hypochroma for Argentina - Wilson Bulletin 81: p216-219.
Download pdf 298KB
32.Skutch AF 1959 - Life History of the Black-throated Trogon - Wilson Bulletin 71: p5-18.
Download pdf 946KB
33.Skutch AF 1966 - Life History Notes on Three Tropical American Cuckoos - Wilson Bulletin 78: p139-165.
Download pdf 1.61MB
34.Smith WJ, Smith AM 2000 - Information About Behaviour is Provided by Songs of Striped Cuckoo - Wilson Bulletin 112: p491-497.
35.Storer RW 1981 - The Rufous-faced Crake (Laterallus xenopterus) and its Paraguayan Congeners - Wilson Bulletin 93: p137-144.
Download pdf 475KB
36.Sutton GK 1944 - The Kites of the Genus Ictinia - Wilson Bulletin 56: p2-8.
Download pdf 388KB
37.Tubaro PL 1992 - Song Repertoires of the White-browed Blackbird - Wilson Bulletin 104: p345-352.
Download pdf 437KB
38.Weller MW 1968 - Notes on Some Argentine Anatids - Wilson Bulletin 80: p189-212.
Download pdf 1.39MB
39.Willis EO 1972 - The Behaviour of Plain-brown Woodcreepers Dendrocincla fuliginosa - Wilson Bulletin 84:p377-420.
Download pdf 2.29MB
40.Willis EO 2001 - On a Nest of a Planalto Woodcreeper Dendrocolaptes platyrostris with Taxonomic and Conservation Notes - Wilson Bulletin 113: p231-233.
Download pdf 37KB
41.Woltmann S 2004 - Group Roosting Behaviour of Yellow Tyrannulets Capsiempis flaveola - Wilson Bulletin 116: p352-353.
Download pdf 155KB