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For more than 100 years, The Auk has published original reports on the biology of birds. As one of the foremost journals in ornithology, The Auk publishes innovative empirical and theoretical findings. Topics of articles appearing in The Auk include the documentation, analysis, and interpretation of laboratory and field studies, theoretical or methodological developments, and reviews of information or ideas. Authors are encouraged to consider the relevance of their conclusions to general concepts and theories and to taxa in addition to birds.
Along with research articles, The Auk also includes Perspectives that are invited by the Editor, Commentaries, Letters to The Auk and reviews of recently released books that are of significance to ornithologists selected by the Book Review Editor.
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Letters to The Auk provide opportunities to speculate in print, comment on recent issues, topics, and methodologies, provide information of historical or taxonomic interest and comment briefly on papers published in The Auk or to respond to such comments. Letters are reviewed by the Editor and at least one outside reviewer and are published at the discretion of the Editor. Exchanges concerning published papers are strictly limited. For additional information, see Auk 123:347, 2005.

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The following is a sample of articles relevant to Paraguayan ornithology published in The Auk.

Click on the links to download the pdf:
1.Aleixo A 2002 - Molecular Systematics and the Role of the “Varzea-Terra Firme” Ecotone in the Diversification of Xiphorhynchus Woodcreepers (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae) - Auk 119: p621-640.
Download pdf 232KB
2.Almeida JB, Macedo RH 2001 - Lek-like Mating System of the Monogamous Blue-black Grassquit - Auk 118: p404-411.
Download pdf 154KB
3.Birdsley JS 2002 - Phylogeny of the Tyrant Flycatchers (Tyrannidae) Based on Behaviour and Morphology - Auk 119: p715-734.
Download pdf 553KB
4.Burns JG 2003 - Relationship of Calidris Sandpiper Wing Shape with Relative Fuel Load and Total Migration Distance - Auk 120: p827-835.
Download pdf 219KB
5.Cardoso da Silva JM 1994 - Can Avian Distribution Patterns in Northern Argentina be Related to Gallery-forest Expansion-Retraction Caused by Quarternary Climatic Changes - Auk 111: p495-499.
Download pdf 446KB
6.Emlen ST, Wrege PH 2004 - Size Dimorphism, Intrasexual Competition and Sexual Selection in Wattled Jacana Jacana jacana a Sex-Role-Reversed Shorebird in Panama - Auk 121: p391-403.
Download pdf 270KB
7.Fernandez GJ, Reboreda JC 2003 - Male Parental Care in Greater Rheas Rhea Americana in Argentina - Auk 120: p418-428.
Download pdf 163KB
8.Foster M 1971 - Plumage and Behaviour of a Juvenile Grey-headed Kite - Auk 88: p163-166.
Download pdf 234KB
9.Hayes FE 2001 - Geographic Variation, Hybridisation and the Leapfrog Pattern of Evolution in the Suiriri Flycatcher Suiriri suiriri Complex - Auk 118: p457-471.
Download pdf 209KB
10.Herzog SK, Kessler M, Cahill TM 2002 - Estimating Species Richness of Tropical Bird Communities from Rapid Assessment Data - Auk 119: p749-769.
Download pdf 436KB
11.Herzog SK, Mazar Barnett J 2004 - On the Validitiy and Confused Identity of Serpophaga griseiceps Berlioz 1959 (Tyrannidae) - Auk 121: p415-421.
Download pdf 74KB
12.Hohn EO 1975 - Notes on Black-headed Ducks, Painted Snipe and Spotted Tinamous - Auk 92: p566-575.
Download pdf 510KB
13.Johansson US, Irestedt M, Parsons TJ, Ericson PGP 2002 - Basal Phylogeny of the Tyrannoidea Based on Comparisons of Cytochrome b and Exons of Nuclear c-myc and RAG-1 Genes - Auk 119: 984-995.
Download pdf 255KB
14.Lanyon WE, Fitzpatrick JW 1983 - Behaviour, Morphology and Systematics of Sirystes sibilator (Tyrannidae) - Auk 100: p98-104.
Download pdf 563KB
15.López de Casenave J, Pelotto JP, Caziani SM, Mermoz M, Protomastro J 1998 - Responses of Avian Assemblages to a Natural Edge in a Chaco Semiarid Forest in Argentina - Auk 115: p425-435.
Download pdf 819KB
16.Marini MA, Cavalcanti RB 1992 - Mating System of the Helmeted Manakin Antilophia galeata in Central Brazil - Auk 109: p911-913.
Download pdf 252KB
17.Mayr G 2003 - Phylogeny of Early Tertiary Swifts and Hummingbirds (Aves: Apodiformes) - Auk 120: p145-151.
Download pdf 252KB
18.McCracken KG 2000 - The 20cm Spiny Penis of the Argentine Lake Duck Oxyura vittata - Auk 117: p820-825.
Download pdf 134KB
19.Mermoz ME, Reboreda JC 2003 - Reproductive Success of Shiny Cowbird Molothrus bonariensis Parasitising the Larger Brown and Yellow Marshbird Pseudoleistes virescens in Argentina - Auk 120: p1128-1139.
Download pdf 333KB
20.Myers P, Hansen RL 1980 - Rediscovery of the Rufous-faced Crake Laterallus xenopterus - Auk 97: p901-902.
Download pdf 145KB
21.Orians GH 1978 - On the Status of Xolmis dominicana - Auk 95: p411.
Download pdf 80KB
22.Parker TA 1984 - Notes on the Behaviour of Ramphotrigon Flycatchers - Auk 101: p186-188.
Download pdf 282KB
23.Partridge WH 1956 - Notes on the Brazilian Merganser in Argentina - Auk 73: p-473-488.
Download pdf 1.2MB
24.Prum RO, Rice NH, Mobley JA, Dimmick WW 2000 - A Preliminary Phylogenetic Hypothesis for the Cotingas (Cotingidae) Based on Mitochondrial DNA - Auk 117: p236-241.
Download pdf 149KB
25.Schaefer E 1953 - Contribution to the Life History of the Swallow-tanager - Auk 70: p403-460.
Download pdf 3.7MB
26.Short LL 1969a - The Southern Races of the White-throated Spadebill Platyrinchus mystaceus - Auk 86: p265-270.
Download pdf 315KB
27.Short LL 1976 - Aimophila strigiceps New to Paraguay - Auk 93: p189-190.
Download pdf 123KB
28.Stiles FG 1981 - Taxonomy of Rough-winged Swallows Stelgidopteryx: Hirundinidae in Southern Central America - Auk 98: p282-293.
Download pdf 744KB
29.Strouffer PC 2001 - Do We Know What We Think We Know About Winter Ranges of Migrants to South America? The Case of the Veery Catharus fuscescens - Auk 118: p832-837.
Download pdf 109KB
30.Teixeira DM, Negret A
1984 - The Dwarf Tinamou Taoniscus nanus of Central Brazil - Auk 101: p188-189.
Download pdf 182KB
31.Traylor MA 1958 - Variation in South American Great Horned Owls - Auk 75: p143-149.
Download pdf 402KB
32.Whittingham LA, Sheldon FH, Emlen ST 2000 - Molecular Phylogeny of Jacanas and its Implications for Morphologic and Biogeographic Evolution - Auk 117: p22-32.
Download pdf 179KB
33.Willis EO 1994 - Are Actitis Sandpipers Inverted Flying Fishes? - Auk 111: p190-191.
Download pdf 164KB