At ECOSARA we believe in spreading the word. After all if people don´t know about San Rafael and the threats it faces then you can´t really blame then for doing nothing about it! One of stated aims is to publish publish publish, so that San Rafael is not only brought to the attention of the world, but stays there.

We encourage those volunteers that wish to to publish the results of their work to do so and offer all the guidance and assistance necessary. Publication we feel is not only the duty of field workers, but something that enables the volunteer to fully understand the importance of their role at
ECOSARA.Our publications can be grouped under four headings:

SCIENTIFIC PAPERS in national and international scientific journals. These papers are aimed squarely at the scientific community and are desinged to provide the scientific basis for conservationist claims about the importance of protecting the reserve and its biodiversity. We seek to publish data of international importance in international journals, and document data of national importance in the FAUNA Paraguay online journal Bellbird.

INFORMATIVE LITERATURE for local consumption, designed to raise awareness in an easy to read and easier to understand manner. This takes the form of pamphlets, posters, newsletters and reports to disseminate our findings and their repercussions to a wider audience.

INTERNET MATERIAL aimed at a global audience with the aim to publicise the plight of San Rafael. This involves contributing photos, sound recordings, videos and records from our database to the FAUNA image galleries to fulfil our aim of disseminating information. Our new quarterly bulletin enables us to keep people informed about developments here at San Rafael.

POPULAR PUBLICATIONS including books, magazine articles, CDs and the like. Wherever possible we publish this material bilingually in Spanish and English to ensure a wide readership. Publications in line to be launched during 2008 are bilingual photographic guides to the Birds and to the Reptiles and Amphibians of San Rafael National Park (see left).

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Panthera onca head
TIROL 5 Copaxa flavina PS
Basileuterus leucoblepharus head detail
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