Pro Cosara is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in 1997 by residents, experienced professionals, and other dedicated people who have worked for years towards the consolidation of the San Rafael Atlantic Forest Reserve and the management of protected wilderness in collaboration with indigenous people.

The main objectives of Pro Cosara's work are:

PROMOTE the preservation of San Rafael as one of the last extensive areas of the Interior Atlantic Forest on earth.
PROTECT the environment by fighting deforestation and destruction of natural vegetation, impulsive cutting, and forest fires that damage the natural resources, wildfire, and ecosystem.
COLLABORATE with institutions that advise and accompany the indigenous Mbya people, facilitating their sustainable lifestyle in this protected wilderness area.
SUPPORT and FACILITATE project initiatives that favour the conservation and the sustainable use of regional natural resources.

To achieve these goals,
Pro Cosara employs six park guards who patrol to locate and intercept illegal loggers and poachers and control forest fires in conjunction with the police. In addition, they observe and track wildlife and educate the public about conservation issues. One guard is indigenous and functions as a liaison with the indigenous population. The organization owns one automobile and one small airplane used for surveillance purposes to identify illegal logging in progress. Pro Cosara also leads educational workshops for academics and local residents, teaches about the benefits of organic farming techniques, and provides educational scholarships to underprivileged youths living in the Reserve's buffer zone.
Pro Cosara relies entirely on donations to fund its staff, maintain its equipment and for the purchase of land. With your help the organization can grow and defend the wilderness at its most vulnerable time ever.
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ECOSARA is a flagship programme within Pro Cosara and works hand in hand with FAUNA  to achieve a common aim, the continued and long-term conservation of San Rafael National Park, Paraguay´s most threatened national treasure.
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