FAUNA is a portal for the publication of information on Paraguayan fauna. Thanks to the contributions of tens of people actively involved in zoological research in Paraguay, this rapidly-growing page has made a name for itself in the six short months since its launch. The stated aim of FAUNA is to disseminate information about Paraguayan fauna and to offer researchers a forum through which to share their findings. This objective fits squarely with the goal of ECOSARA to bring San Rafael to the world´s attention.

Amongst the hundreds of pages that make up FAUNA you will find:

IMAGE GALLERIES of Paraguayan fauna, representing at the last count over 60% of the bird species, 30% of the mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and over 160 species of butterfly. Galleries include not only numerous photographs of the species in question, but also videos and sound recordings.

DOWNLOADABLE ARTICLES relevant to Paraguayan fauna including its own journal Bellbird.

UP-TO-DATE LISTS of all the major faunal groups in Paraguay.

RESPONSIBLE ECO-TOUR OPPORTUNITIES with professional and expert guides.

ZOOLOGICAL LIBRARY the largest open-access zoological library in Paraguay.

INFORMATION ABOUT PARAGUAY AND ITS HABITATS for visitors to this little-known and often-ignored country.
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