The first issue of the ECOSARA Quarterly Bulletin was published in December 2007. The bulletin is designed to give a brief summary of the work carried out by ECOSARA volunteers during the period since the publication of the last bulletin and will be of interest to anybody thinking of volunteering with us as well as to former volunteers wanting to keep up-to-date with goings on. It also includes details of Pro Cosara´s conservation work which illustrates the perilous situation in which San Rafael finds itself.

The Bulletin is available in both English and Spanish.
Click on the links below to download it!

ECOSARA Bulletin Vol 1 December 2007 English     1MB
ECOSARA Boletín Vol 1 Diciembre 2007 Español     1MB
ECOSARA Bulletin Vol 2 March 2008 English         2.5MB
ECOSARA Boletín Vol 2 Marzo 2008 Español          2.5MB

Many of our scientific publications can be downloaded for free via the Bellbird Journal (for papers of local interest) and our Publications page (for papers published in international journals).
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