At ECOSARA you will be looked after by a permanent staff of trained zoologists who´s job it is to oversee the research work as well as to make sure your every need is attended to! All staff members are bilingual (in some cases trilingual!) and have extensive experience of field work in Paraguay. These are the guys who will tell you what that frog is chirping in the reedbed, help you identify the hummingbird that whizzed past your bedroom window and teach you how to recognise the species responsible for the fresh footprints that accumulate around the lake each morning.
Trogon surucura male
capuchin head
Hypostomus commersoni. San Rafael mar 07 1
Uruguayan herpetologist Pier is well on his way to becoming the country´s leading authority on reptiles and amphibians. In addition to publishing numerous scientific papers and books on Paraguayan and Uruguayan reptiles he has worked extensively studying the species present in the park. Remarkably he has discovered no fewer than three species of reptiles new to science within the park boundaries and is convinced that more lay out there awaiting discovery.
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British zoologist who has lived in Paraguay since 2003. He is the founder of FAUNA and a member of the Pro Cosara council. Paul is co-authoring the first English field guide to the Birds of Paraguay and is Paraguayan representative of the Neotropical Bird Club. At ECOSARA Paul is currently working closely with the University of Pilar on entomological inventories.
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In the interests of stimulating research in Paraguay, ECOSARA publishes many of its papers of local interest in the Paraguayan National Zoological Journal Bellbird (click here for free access). Developments and summaries of recent scientific work are published in the ECOSARA Quarterly Bulletin which is sent to all ex-volunteers and can be downloaded by clicking here.

We also publish widely in international journals, click the link below to download pdfs of some of our recent publications.