The climate at San Rafael is subtropical. There are no clearly defined seasons and little variation in day length throughout the year.  There are between 10 and 12 hours of daylight throughout the year.

In general the hottest months are December through February (mean 23.8C) and the coldest May through August (mean 17C). Temperatures occasionally pass the 40C mark during the hottest times of year when humidity may reach 100%. Year-round sunny days are the norm, even when it is cold. In winter, day-time temperatures are often pleasantly warm, but may dip considerably at night. Overnight frosts are unusual but annual.
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Rain falls throughout the year with a yearly average of 2173mm (range 1305-3279mm). The wettest months are October through to February when frequent, sudden and dramatic electrical storms may be experienced. Reduction in forest cover in the region has affected the water cycle and many local agricultors now complain of "drought conditions" affecting their yields. Similarly a decline in the annual rainfall has also led to a "drying" of the forest, making it more susceptible to burning by natural and deliberate causes.
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