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The following is an alphabetical list of the contributors to the FAUNA Paraguay site. Thanks to everybody who has contributed, your help and support is vital in ensuring that FAUNA Paraguay fulfils its aim to be a community website and continues to grow into an online tool useful to all. Apologies if anybody has been inadvertently overlooked!!!!

Jakob Adebahr (PLT intern and photos)
Hector Vera Alcaraz (assistance with fish identification)
Andres Alvárez (photos and publication)
Harald Artner (photos)
Karina Atkinson (ECOSARA volunteer and photos)
Attila Bankovics (mini-guide volunteer)
Matthew Barnes (identification of moth images)
Juan Mazar Barnett (photos and bird recordings)
Hemme Batjes (photos and mini-guide volunteer)
Fernando Bernasconi (photos)
Adam Betuel  (photos and mini-guide volunteer)
Rasmus Boegh (assistance with bird identification)
Horst Bohn (identification of cockroach images)
Marcelo Bombaci (photos)
Lech Borowiec (assistance with leaf beetles)
Agatha Boveda (photos)
Bob Brooks (photos)
Clait E Braun (permission for use of Wilson Bulletin and Wilson JO pdfs)
Harry Braylovsky (identification of Leaf-footed Bug images)
JP Brouard (PLT scientific team)
Joost Brouwer (facilitating contacts)
Martijn Brouwer (photos and assistance in the field)
Richard Burger (photos)
Huguito Cabral (photos)
Pier Cacciali (ECOSARA Scientific Team, photos, assistance with identification of herps, and reptile and amphibian lists)
Alex Campbell (photos)
José Luis Cartes (photos)
Leandro Castillo (photos)
Peter Cate (identification of Click Beetles)
Silvía Centrón (photos)
Rob Clay (photos and assistance with bird identification)
Jonathan Clegg (photos and PLT volunteer)
C. Chang (photos)
Eugenio Coconier (photos)
C.Conlan (photos)
Andrés Contreras (photos and publications)
Julio Rafael Contreras (permission to make the Notulas Faunistcias available)
Jerry Cooper (photos)
Carolyn Crockett (photos)
Jason Cryan (identification and classification of Homopterans)
Matt Denton (photos)
Mirtha Ruiz Diaz (photos)
Chris Dietrich (identification of Leafhoppers)
Hugo del Castillo (photos)
Lindsey Deignan (photos and ECOSARA intern)
Roberto Derna (photos)
Karina Diarte (photos)
Ulf Drechsel (assistance with moth identification)
Kevin Guest (photos)
Chris Elder (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Natalie von Ellenrieder (assistance with Odonata identification)
Richard Elsam (translation)
Chris Englehardt (photos)
Alberto Esquivel Mattos (ECOSARA Scientific Team, photos, sound recordings and translations)
Ted Faust (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Andrea Ferreira (photos)
Julio Ferrer (assistance with Darkling Beetles)
Dimitri Forero (assistance with Assassin Bugs)
Frank Fragano (photos)
Aldo Fretes (photos)
Bolivar Garcete (publications, wasp list, help with wasp and ant identification and permission to make Boletin del MHNP available)
Celia Gamayo (photos)
Kim Garwood (assistance with butterfly identification)
John Geale (photos)
Dr Wolfgang Gibb (identification of snail images)
David Gill (photos and ECOSARA intern)
Scott Gillihan (permission to reproduce pdfs from The Auk)
Alejandro González (photos)
Guillermo González (assistance with ladybird identification)
Loraine Grant (photos and PLT volunteer)
Kevin Guest (photos)
Arnbjørn Hågensen (photos)
John Hall (photos)
Caroli Hamel (identification of Scarab Beetles)
Mike Hamer (photos)
Lars Hansen  (photos and mini-guide volunteer)
Sebastian Herzog (identification of Scarab Beetles)
Steve Hiyashi (photos)
Ashley Hillman (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Ronald Hoff (photos)
Andy Holman (photos)
Daniel Hoops (photos)
Hans Hostettler (photos)
Sergio Ibañez-Bernal (identification of Diptera)
Mary Liz Jameson (assistance with Scarab Beetles and permission for usage of Scarab material)
Carlos Aguilar Julio (identification of Scarab Beetles and photos)
Leila K (ECOSARA volunteer and photographs)
Ian Kitching  (assistance with Hawk Moth identification)
Juan Klavins (photos)
John Kochalka (permission to make Boletin del MHNP available)
Alison Lewis (photos)
Christoph Liedtke (ECOSARA volunteer and photographs)
Gijs Lindeman (photos)
Leti López (photos)
James Lowen (information about Neotropical Bird Club)
Arne Lesterhuis (photos)
Mateo Lesterhuis (photos)
Richard Lindstrom (assistance with skipper identification)
Lucy McLaughlin (photos and ECOSARA intern)
Alberto Madroño and Fundación Moises Bertoni (photos and bird recordings)
Clyde Morris (photos)
Philip Myers (photographs and review of mammal handbook accounts)
Elynton Nascimento (identification of Lycidae images)
Maxi Navarro (photos)
Gino Nearns (identification of Long-horned Beetle images)
Flavia Netto (ECOSARA Scientific Team and photos)
Jonathan Newman (photos)
Teatske Nieuborg (photos)
Emma Northcote-Smith (photos and PLT volunteer)
Regis Nossent (photos and mini-guide volunteer)
Ezequiel Nuñez Bustos (assistance with butterfly identification)
Lois O´Brien (identification of lantern bugs)
Amy O´Hatnick (Photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Jeni Oborn  (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Sjeff Ollers (photos)
Derek Onley (mini-guide volunteer and photos)
Bernard Oosterbaan (photos, publications and ECOSARA volunteer)
Ismael Ortega (assistance with identification of bats and rodents)
Robert Owen (publications and assistance with mammal list and identification)
Luis Pagano (photos)
Carmen Paradeda (photos)
Mark Pearman (assistance with bird list)
Karen Penayo Alvarez (photos)
Nelson Pérez Villamayor (photos)
Helen Pheasey (PLT Scientific Team and photos)
Neil Poppendeck (photos)
Angie Price (photos)
Pro Cosara (photos and assistance in the field)
Sylvia Qu (photos and ECOSARA Intern)
Fredi Ramírez (photos)
Brett Ratcliffe (assistance with scarab beetles)
David Rider (assistance with stink bugs)
Sergio Rios (identifications of moth images and photos)
Allen Sanborn (assistance with cicadas)
Ivan Saxby (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Oliver Schneider (photos)
Janet Schumacher (mini-guide volunteer)
Jack Schuster (identification and information about Bess Beetles)
Norman Scott (herpetology identifications and consultation)
Nick Simms (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Paul Skelley (identification of Pleasing Fungus Beetles)
John T.Smith (photos, identification of Diptera and PLT volunteer)
Lionel Stange (identification of Ant-lions)
Moriz Stiefel (photos and ECOSARA volunteer)
Mariella Superina (literature and review of armadillo handbook accounts)
Radhika Timbadia (photos)
Laura Tensen (photos and ECOSARA intern)
Paul Thiaucourt (identification of Notodontid moths)
Bert Van den Bosch (ECOSARA volunteer and photos)
Myriam Velazquez (photos and bird songs)
Marianela Velilla (photos)
Bryan Wainwright (mini-guide volunteer and assistance in the field)
Sally Wechsler (mini-guide volunteer)
Rob Westerduijn (identification of leaf beetle images)
Alex Wild (ant images and information)
Kevin Williams (identification of Mutillidae images)
Martin Woodcock (photos)
Rebecca Zarza (photos)
Ralphie Zotti (photos)

Thanks also to the numerous partner websites who have swapped links with us to make the page more "findable", especially to Willem-Pier Vellinga and Bob Planque at who continue to support FAUNA Paraguay and allowed us to borrow their recording equipment to make recordings of Paraguayan fauna.
Ulf Drechsel for permission to use images from his superb website
Massive thanks to the following for their generous donations to the FAUNA Paraguay library:
Profesor Julio Contreras for donating a remarkable collection of bound ornithology offprints.
Dr Urs-Peter Stauble for  donating a full set of the Handbook of the Birds of the World!
Dr Robert Owen who donated a near full set of Southwestern Naturalist journals!
Delaware Museum of Natural History for donating surplus books and journals.