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STREAKED XENOPS Xenops rutilans
The diminutive Streaked Xenops, with his bizarrely upturned bill is one of the most endearing of the furnarids (Furnariidae). Little larger than a hummingbird, he makes his way merrily through the canopy, hopping upside down along branches and peering inquisitively in search of foodstuffs, often using his bill like a chisel to prise open crevices and get at what is inside. Xenops are completely arboreal birds and never descend to the ground.
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FIGURE 1 - (FPAVE4071PH) Adult, Hotel Tirol, Departamento Itapúa (Paul Smith August 2014).


Xenops rutilans Streaked Xenops
1 (FPAVE739RE) Song, recorded Reserva Limoy, Departamento Alto Paraná (Myriam Velázquez September 2000).
2 (FPAVE740RE) Song, recorded Ocampos, PN San Rafael, Departamento Itapúa (Myriam Velázquez October 2001).