ECOSARA technical conservation volunteers will be involved in using there own special skills or abilities to assist in conservation projects in the San Rafael area.  Technical conservation volunteers should be able to work alone or in small groups, with little or no supervision and be able to adapt their skills and abilities to meet the needs of Pro Cosara and ECOSARA. Of course volunteers are able to switch between projects, just because you signed up as a conservation volunteer doesn´t mean that you can´t also be a research volunteer if the fancy takes you!

In the case of
ECOSARA technical volunteers we expect the volunteer to suggest ways in which their particular abilities can be used in current projects or to come up with their own projects and develop them in conjunction with the permanent staff. When it comes to ideas we are always ready to listen and anything that improves the facilities or helps spread the word is something that not only benefits ECOSARA but directly benefits the conservation of San Rafael. Volunteers will be always be credited for the role that they play in ECOSARA projects. Conservation volunteers who develop their own projects will have an informal meeting each evening with staff members to discuss progress and will be expected to see projects through to completion.

Technical volunteers will work wherever their ability takes them, but they will have ample free time to explore the forest and surroundings at their leisure. We think that
ALL field observations are important and educational conservation volunteers can also do their bit for research work by being aware of their surroundings and noting down observations of interest. Volunteers with a knack for photography are always welcome, we are always looking to boost the photographic database of the parks fauna and photographs of educational workshops and seminars are useful for publicity purposes. In the interests of making data accessible and open to all we collaborate with online database projects such as the FAUNA image gallery.

To give you an idea of the sort of skills that we are looking for, the list below gives a few ideas, but don´t be put off if your particular skill doesnt appear in this list, everybody is useful:

Construction and building expertise or architecture.
Carpentry, metalwork, needlework and similar artistic talents.
Illustration for field guides, posters and promotional material.
Computer skills, web design and technical abilities.
Photography or film-making abilities.
Command of a foreign language.
Advertisement and sales experience.
Experience in professional education.
Mechanical or electrical skills.
Cookery or food science.
Agricultural and/or horticultural experience or landscaping.

If you are interested in becoming an
ECOSARA technical conservation volunteer, please describe your level of experience, any relevant qualifications and how you would most like to see your skills used in your application. Apart from that all you need is a healthy dose of enthusiasm, a sense of adventure and willingness to get your hands dirty!

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