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A group of aquatic bugs similar in most aspects to the true Waterboatmen of the family Notonectidae, perhaps the most obvious difference is that Corixids swim the "right way up" whereas Notonectids swim "upside down". Other characteristics include broad heads, short hidden antennae and large eyes. Note that the dorsal surface of the body is flattened, as opposed to convex, and that each pair of legs is differently shaped, the hind pair being flattened and fringed with hairs that give them an oar-like appearance, and indeed their function is propulsion. The first pair of legs are extremely short, whereas the middle pair are long and slender, used for gripping and stabilising in the water.
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FIGURE 1 - Unidentified sp, Encarnación, Departamento Itapúa (Paul Smith December 2009).