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Members of this microorder have a surangular notch in the dentary and ossifications in the eyelids. More than 26 presacral vertebrae are present and the intercentre of the cervicals are sutured or fused to the centrum of the preceeding vertebrae. Osteoderms are present dorsally on the head and body. Tip of the tongue notched or branched. Femoral pores are lacking. The dorsum shows rows of enlarged scales separated by areas of granular scales.

This Superfamily is represented by a single family in Paraguay, the Anguinidae. They possess surangular and coronoid notches on the dentary. The coronoid lateral process is present as a lappet on the dentary. Dermal rugosities are present but are not vermiculate.

Two species in the subfamily Diploglossinae has been documented for Paraguay. The upper temporal arcade is reduced and interrupted. and the upper temporal opening is narrow. There is no interorbtial septum. Tooth faces are striated medially and sometimes laterally. Caudal vertebrae with two pairs of converging transverse processes. Osteoderms present on the ventral body. Frontoparietal scales are small, frontals and parietals are large. There are between one and three interparietals. Rectangular, imbricate scales and osteoderms cover most of the body and tail. Small, inset typanum. Legs are present or absent.

Two species in the genus Ophiodes recorded in Paraguay. Members of this subfamily have a head with large and regular osteoderms. Orbital borders of the frontal scales are nearly straight and parallel. There is no lateral fold. Teeth are blunt and conical. Limbs are well-developed or reduced.

Key to Adults of Paraguayan Worm Lizards

Black tiger pattern on the head, dark longitudinal lines along body. Predominant lateral colouration silver -grey ................................ Ophiodes intermedius
1b Black tiger pattern on the head, dark longitudinal lines along body. Predominant lateral colouration green ................................ Ophiodes striatius

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